Writer Services & Projects Run by Others

Information about some other Writer Services & Projects throughout the UK.

Alison May
Based in Worcestershire, Alison offers novel writing workshops, tailored one-off workshops for writers’ groups, and a manuscript critique service. She can also offer one-to-one mentoring for new writers working towards novel publication. http://alison-may.co.uk/for-writers/workshops-and-courses/

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society
The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society is a not-for-profit membership organisation, run by writers, for writers. Its purpose is two-fold. They collect secondary royalties on behalf of over 80,000 writers across the UK and abroad and pay them directly to their Members, twice a year. They also campaign and lobby on issues of importance to writers both at a national and international level, to ensure that writers’ rights are both recognised and rewarded. Writing West Midlands fully supports ACLS’s work in supporting the interests of writers.

Banish Writer’s Block
Are you a writer? Do you dream of publishing a novel or writing a screenplay? Perhaps you used to write a lot, but lately, it’s been difficult to find the time or energy to write. The house needs cleaning, you’re too tired, there are so many other things you have to do. Banish Writer’s Block is a website and Writers’ Bootcamp led by Kim Fleet. She provides eight week programmes that will show you how to uncover the causes of your writer’s block, and teach you techniques to banish it forever.

BetterWrite provides editing and proofreading services as well as manuscript assessments for novelists. To find out more visit http://betterwrite.com/ or email Rob Matthews at robertmatthews_edit[at]yahoo.co.uk.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre – Writer Development
The REP is committed to commissioning and producing new work and typically produce between five and ten world premieres every year. To support this strand of The REP’s programme, they run a range of developmental writers’ programmes, designed to nurture new talent at the early stages of a writer’s career. They also provide a dedicated space to explore new ideas and different approaches to making theatre, to develop new plays and support emerging companies and artists. If you are interested in submitting a script to The REP please visit their website. www.birmingham-rep.co.uk/participate/creative-development/writer-development/

BookSpace is a small independent company specialising in inspiring children to read and write. As part of the Opening the Book group, BookSpace was established in 2009 to serve the needs of the educational market. As a company, BookSpace prides itself on spending a lot of time researching, testing and designing products which solve the problems faced by teaching and library staff. Products include BookSpace Shelving, a modular, flexible, freestanding shelving system; BookSpace furniture – a range of innovative book display units; and WordSpace, a range of creative writing resources designed to inspire children to write.

Bret Allen
Bret is a self-published author of fantasy and modern magic tales, with his debut collection Strange Matters available in print and ebook, plus on shelves at Stoke-on-Trent libraries. He also works as a full-time freelance copywriter, working on product descriptions, site content, video game narrative and everything between. Find his site at www.bretallen.info for more information.

Briar Ridge Books
Briar Ridge Books brings together the photography of Tracey Swain and poetry of Hilary Jane Jones to celebrate the natural beauty of Shropshire and the Welsh Borderlands. Hilary and Tracey bring their feelings to life through words and photographs, often capturing more than first meets the eye. Tracey’s evocative images tease the imagination and often have hidden secrets, whilst Hilary is able to play with words that complement the images and fire the imagination even more.

Hilary’s verse and Tracey’s photographs have been described as “fusing together in artistic brilliance”. Whether taking you on a fantasy journey through real places, or bringing out often-unseen aspects of a particular view, they work side by side in perfect harmony to produce books that will live in your memory long after you have turned the final page. Briar Ridge Books publishes every book as a beautiful, collectable hardback that will grace any coffee table or bookshelf. Email: briarridgebooks[at]gmail.com for more information.

A website that aims to get more people writing, narrating, reading and listening. Members are encouraged to spend 15 – 30 minutes every day reading and/or writing short fiction, to share their work, and if they like, to ask for feedback. Burrst accepts members from 13 years up is free to join.

Coaching for Creatives
Steph Vidal-Hall offers one to one coaching and mentoring to help writers and artists apply their own creative thinking to whatever is blocking them, so that they can achieve and sustain their full career and creative potential. Clients contact Steph when they feel stuck, need to make a decision or want to move on to the next level.

Working it out with Steph is the reason I’m working again and selling… Now I know every one of my pieces is going to be a resolved, successful piece of work.’ 

Steph is based in Birmingham and works with a wide variety of arts practitioners. She is a qualified Thinking Environment Coach and Facilitator (2007), a member of the Time To Think Collegiate (www.timetothink.com) and has an MA in Learning & Teaching. She is a practicing writer and chairs the annual Prince of Wales Festival of Writing. For more information, please email stephvh[at]me.com or call Steph on 07946 545 343.

Creative-Bloc is an online members club, directory and portal that unites freelance writers and prospective employers under one roof; sharing industry tips, news and global job opportunities.

Dawn Powell – Storyteller and workshop facilitator
Dawn is a performance storyteller who tells traditional stories in an energetic and contemporary way. She has been running arts workshops in primary schools for over 15 years and telling stories to all ages for over five years. She tells stories from across the world and delivers workshops that are customised to support a specified outcome: nurture a love of stores; improve speaking and listening skills; develop creative writing skills; or enhance creativity.

She has a broad repertoire of traditional stories suitable for all ages but she has a particular fondness for dark and shocking stories made accessible through humour and playful interaction with the audience.

D. Burton Editing
D. Burton Editing is passionate about helping new writers reach their publication dream. With thorough copy editing, they ensure that your manuscript is free from hidden typing and grammar errors, and make sure it is ready to send to the publishers. Their services do not stop there; they are also skilled at writing press releases to help self-published authors promote their work, and have a wide experience writing blog posts. You can find more information about the services on offer at www.dburtonediting.com or by emailing Daniel[at]dburtonediting.com. 

Fine Creeks Publishing

Fine Creeks Publishing seeks to assist authors publish their creative work through an array of proven initiatives with the assistance of a professional team with over 30 years experience in publishing. They treat each author on an individual basis, ensuring that their project is properly assessed and produced to ensure maximum potential and impact. They provide one-to-one author support, professional marketing consultation, custom interior design, custom full colour cover, ISBN assignment, electronic proof, paperback or hardback copies are available and we use trusted commercial book printers. Other services include; digital formatting and distribution (E-book), online distribution, online bookstore availability, UK and European distribution through Harvest Fields Distribution, worldwide availability through Ingram Distribution, US Copyright registration, Google and Amazon search programme, social media marketing setup and standard website service. For more information, please contact David Graham on 0121 353 8507 / 07968 836664 or email him at dgraham[at]blueridgemkt.com.

Judi Goodwin Training
Judi specialises in helping people write faster, more fluently and more creatively.  Her whole-person approach is particularly helpful for anyone who has previously found difficulty in writing – and for experienced writers who want to produce copy that is more powerful, persuasive and engaging. Courses are for those working in Journalism, PR, Business and Corporate Communications.

The Coaching Loft
The Coaching Loft offers creative coaching to writers to help them decide what they want to achieve, set goals and overcome obstacles. So whether you’re anxious to finish that novel, dreaming about publication or thinking about the next step in your writing career, coaching can help you. Coaching can help you overcome blocks such as fear of failure, lack of time, or lack of confidence. Confidential, encouraging and supportive coaching from novelist and short story writer Kim Fleet. www.thecoachingloft.co.uk

The Gregueria Project
Greguerias are short witty definitions of objects and concepts. They are often metaphorical. They are similar to but not quite the same as aphorisms or proverbs. The term Gregueria (meaning a startled shout – to capture the sudden flash of insight they convey) was introduced by their creator Ramon Gomez de la Serna (Ramon) a Spanish writer (1880-1963). Their brevity (they’re a kind of poetic ‘one liner’) makes them a great form to experiment with on Twitter. In the Gregueria Twitter project Nicky Coupe and Denise Hayes are introducing new and old translations of Ramon’s Gregueria. They’re also posting some in the original Spanish hoping to encourage our followers to create their own translations (even non-Spanish speakers can have a go using Google translate). The Twitter site will be linked (via nucleus) to teaching resources for creative writing and language learning. The site is just starting up and looking for followers.

 Follow the Gregueria Project on Twitter @gregueria1

The Literacy Consultancy Ltd
The Literary Consultancy, the UK’s leading manuscript assessment service and a resource hub for writers. They provide expert, market aware editorial advice to writers at all levels writing in English, and help them understand how the publishing industry works. They also have a range of other offers, such as Chapter & Verse Mentoring Scheme, Literary Adventures writing holidays, writing classes, events and become a part of the new vibrant Free Word Centre in Farringdon, Londo

Mslexia is an independent publishing company that provides information and inspiration for published and unpublished women in the UK and beyond. In addition to their quarterly magazine and Writer’s Diary, Mslexia runs workshops and events, and a series of high-profile competitions for poets, novelists and short-story writers.

National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE)
NAWE incorporates The Writer’s Compass – providing information and advice on professional development for writers and other literature professionals. They also run an annual conference, provide online resources and publish three editions of their journal Writing in Education each year. They have a professional directory on their website and support all those who teach and study on Creative Writing programmes throughout the UK.

New Generation Publishers
New Generation Publishing offers a range of self-publishing packages designed to meet authors’ needs and allow them to become a published author.  They offer a wide range of services including editing, proofreading and marketing.

Nick James Content Writer
If it’s engaging and informative content you need, then Nick can help you out. A Birmingham-based freelance Copywriter/Content Writer, he offers a full range of B2B and B2C services for both online and print communications. So whether it’s articles, eGuides, brochures, infographics, blogposts, sales letters or anything else that needs an exciting, punchy and persuasive voice, Nick can deliver. For further info and to get in touch, visit www.havepenwonttravel.com.

Open Ground Writing
Based in the Welsh Borders, Open Ground Writing delivers writing workshops outdoors; everywhere from municipal parks and stately homes to muddy valleys in the Brecon Beacons.

 If you’re serious about making your writing as good as it can possibly be, then Pow-Wow offers a range of services to support you.  Services include mentoring, consultancy, manuscript appraisal, and critiques.

Rachel Brown – copywriter
Rachel Brown is a copywriter based in Edinburgh. (Although she originally hails from Wolverhampton.) She has worked for universities, charities and corporate clients on a range of writing projects. She loves words and specialises in writing copy that informs, inspires, persuades, or amuses. Whether newsletter articles, brochure copy or fundraising letters, she can help your organisation do great things, build amazing brands and create customer relationships.

If you need something written from scratch, or require a spot of editing and polishing, please do get in touch with her about how she can help, hello[at]rachelwrites.co.uk.

Road Trip West Midlands
Selected Observations of English Bodies is a collection of nine short stories produced/written by Mark Ellis in response to a four day road trip around the West Midlands with artist Chris Poolman in April 2012 commissioned by Writing West Midlands and Turning Point West Midlands. Deconstructing the collage of encounters, feelings, experiences, conversations, reflections and emotions and reassembling them into an exploration of isolation, loss and deceit, the stories dissect the British psyche, the West Midlands dream – a condition of longing for an idea that died long ago. To read these stories head to: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8308912/Selected%20Observations%20of%20English%20Bodies.pdf.

Spirit Seekers Camp Writers’ Retreats
Spirit Seekers Camps provide creative writing retreats in woodlands across the UK. Visit www.spiritseekerscamps.com to find out more or email info[at]spiritseekerscamps.com or call 01442 398005.

Stefan Brazzo
Stefan Brazzo’s specialist area is book cover design, he has worked on many self-publishing projects and produced Covers for Hodder, Longmans and The Royal Pharmaceutical Press to name a few. With many years’ experience in design across various industries you will get fresh, effective and result-getting designs with consistent branding and an emphasis on achieving your business goals. From your marketing to your website, logo to stationery… he covers it all! If you just require print, that’s fine too….he has developed the best relationships, born of many years dealing directly with trade printers and he promises cost-effective print solutions for any job, large or small. Please call 07432 155 600.

The Student Wordsmith
The Student Wordsmith is an online writing and publishing platform, for budding creatives. Celebrating literary events, sharing creative work, and producing collaborative pieces with others; if you are a writer of poetry, prose, or even drama and script, then The Student Wordsmith is the place to have your voice heard. Here to inspire creativity, encouraging individuals to give writing a go.  The Student Wordsmith is about bringing together the work of great new writers, showcasing potential unknown talents, and publishing them into collaborative collections or end products that focus on the useful, meaningful, and important topics of everyday life.

The Traditional Arts Team
They want everyone to share their enjoyment, so they run training events and informal performance sessions to encourage as many people as possible to really get involved. And when funds allow they run special events like the annual Young Storyteller of the Year competition, or the Slaying the Dragon Festival (April 2010). Their parent charity is the Traditional Arts Foundation.

The Wordshoppers
The Wordshoppers are Jean Atkin and Liz Hyder. They offer a range of interactive and fun workshops for all ages, delivering in schools, events and workplaces. They specialise in
creating tailored workshops to suit your particular needs or you can choose from their current menu of delicious workshops – Pen 2 Mic, Stars on Strings, Wood Words and Make ’em Laugh! “Fantastic fun workshop led by two capable and encouraging facilitators who made every minute thoroughly enjoyable.” Participant at 2015 NAWE Conference, Durham.

Typing Opportunities from Kate Reynolds
Kate offers help for writers who have an old or handwritten manuscript, or audio tapes, which need re-typing before the writer can proceed with submission or publication. She works from a handwritten version, a typescript or audio tapes, then she emails it back to you. For more information, please email Kate directly at katheriner222[at]gmail.com.

Wasafiri is Britain’s premier magazine for international contemporary writing. Published quarterly, it has established a distinctive reputation for promoting work by new and established voices across the globe.

The Windows Project
A resource of writers and artists from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. The Windows Project helps children to start writing and provides support and advice for poetry writing by and with all ages and abilities as an everyday activity since 1976.

The Wireless Theatre Company
The Wireless Theatre Company creates a platform for fresh new writers, up and coming acting talent and interesting new ways of producing audio theatre. With modern technology and the internet the future for radio drama looks bright! All original audio downloads are written, cast, directed, produced and edited by their team. Based in central London, the writers they work with are from all over the world.

 WriteIdeas, based close to Coleshill, provides an efficient service for writers seeking publication, or who have self-published and wish to do so again, perhaps at a more competitive price.  If you fit this description, please contact them as there are advantages to working with a publisher who is able to speak to you directly and visit if necessary. They can assist with the quality assuring of Microsoft Word manuscripts; copy-editing; proofreading; book cover design, typesetting and production of paperbacks and/or eBooks.. On the marketing side, we offer website design and web content management. 

The Writing Smithy
The Writing Smithy offers you a route to achieving your writing goals, be that getting published, redrafting a manuscript, or improving your writing. You’ll be working with a practicing novelist or poet. Run by novelist Jenn Ashworth and poet Sarah Hymas, one of the two will be your mentor or reader.

Young Poets Network
The Young Poets Network is for emerging poets, avid readers, enthusiastic performers or for those just starting out. A project of the Poetry Society, offering workshop challenges and feedback alongside features by poets and information about groups and opportunities.

Your Copy
With Your Copy, your work will be analysed and edited by a copy-editor to ensure that it is of the highest quality. You can also have your work made into a fully-functioning e-book by a Your Copy e-book creator, and see it on the online market in a matter of weeks. For more information please email beth[at]your-copy.co.uk or visit www.your-copy.co.uk.

Write Start Consultancy
Working with people from all walks of life, including school children, college students, mental health service users, prisoners, refugees and other marginalised groups, Write Start Consultancy tailor our services according to your specific needs. Examples of the kinds of services offered include: creative writing masterclasses, one to one or small group mentoring, GSCE and A-Level support, staff development and training and reading for wellbeing. More information is available on the website here: www.writestartconsultancy.com.

Write the Talk
Based in Warwickshire, Write the Talk offer advice and guidance for those writing for business.


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